Colin & Mr. Percival are now cast in bronze

The original Sculpture constructed of fibre-glass had been in need of repair.
The local community were grateful to Mr. Chris Radford who was the original creator of this magnificent sculpture as he came and repaired it. Chris is now 89 so we were very lucky to have his help. Thank you Chris!

The repair had prompted the Eudunda Community, Business & Tourism (ECBAT) Committee to look at preserving this sculpture permanently. Bronze casting was the best option.

Tim Thompson and James Martin undertook this work at Tim’s foundry at Crafers in the Adelaide Hills, using the original fibre-glass sculpture and employing the “lost wax process”.

After nearly 5 months of work, to the delight of local residents and tourists the Sculpture has been returned to the gardens just before Christmas. As can be seen from the photo below and especially by visiting, Tim & James have done a great job of recreating Chris Radford’s original sculpture in bronze casting.

The newly 'Cast in Bronze' Sculpture of Colin & Percival back where it belongs.
The newly ‘Cast in Bronze’ Sculpture of Colin & Percival back where it belongs.

ECBAT realized the importance and the urgency of preserving this work and took out a loan to complete the task before the sculpture was damaged beyond repair. ECBAT is committed to repaying the loan, and has since been busy with fundraising. The local Regional Council of Goyder recognises the importance of this sculpture to the Community and South Australia and will match funds raised by ECBAT. The balance of the loan will be raised over two to three years with various ward funds and any grants obtained.

Donations Welcome: ECBAT would like to thank those who have already donated toward this project – with $5,000 being raised so far.
Donations can be sent to the ECBAT Committee at PO Box 296, Eudunda, SA, 5374 or by donating at one of the many donation tins around the town.

Colin Thiele Sculpture Cast in in Bronze by Chris Tim Jim
The men who made it all happen, Chris Radford – the original sculptor,
the bronze caster Tim Thomson, and his assistant Jim Martin
Colin Thiele in the Peaceful Garden Scene
Colin Thiele in the Peaceful Garden Scene

The beautiful garden setting where you can come and view the newly ‘Cast in Bronze’ sculpture of Colin Thiele & Mr. Percival. The Centenary Gardens – on the main street of Eudunda, a close walk to the shops, yet peaceful in the gardens.

Enjoy a break with tables and chairs for your comfort, along with new toilets – installed as part of the new Garden Project will make this a pleasant stop.

You may then have a look at the some of the tiles in the stone walls telling the stories of transport over the last 100 years (part of the Centenary of Federation project). There is a lot to see and do.

If you do have more time, why not visit the local Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery where you can see information about Colin Thiele’s Family Tree and lots more and pick up a map and go for a drive on the Colin Thiele Drive to see Colin Thiele’s boyhood country.