Colin Thiele 100th Anniversary Today

Janne & Jeff Minge with the Colin Thiele Sculpture on Colins 100th Birthday Anniversary
Janne & Jeff Minge with the Colin Thiele Sculpture the day before Colin Thiele’s 100th Birthday Anniversary

Queensland visitors to Eudunda for the 25th Anniversary of the Unveiling of the Colin Thiele Sculpture and Celebrating Colin Thiele’s 100th Birthday at the Eudunda Centenary Gardens
on Sunday 15th November 2020 were special guests Janne & Jeff Minge.

Janne is one of Colin & Rhonda Thiele’s daughters and they came down especially to celebrate the occasion with everyone at Eudunda.

There was a lovely celebration, with Janne speaking, and others presented items of history, poetry and singing to make a very nice memory of Colin’s 100th and his love for his country and home.

A full report on the event will be coming soon.