This web site is to celebrate the life and achievements of one of South Australia’s and indeed Eudunda’s Favourite sons, Dr. Colin Thiele AC. by sharing our experiences with you. MEMORIES OF A GREAT MAN

We would like to add another page or two to this website of Colin’s.  If you would like to send your stories/memories to WebMaster and put in the subject line – “Memories of Colin” or “Reviews of Colin’s Books” we would be happy to add them to this website as long as the family are happy with them.

Colin’s final picture books are called Miss Bilby and Billy Bilby and Lizard Festival

Sadly most of Colin’s books are out of print, but you may be able to find second hand copies online.

Some books are available at the Eudunda Family Heritage Gallery and leading bookstores.

If you wish to contribute to this web site please send Email to: Colin Thiele Webmaster