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Colin Thiele - Sculpture

A detailed, magnificent sculpture of Colin Thiele and one of his book characters "Mr Percival" (from Storm Boy) has been skilfully created by Chris Radford is now placed in the Eudunda Centennial Gardens for everyone to enjoy.

Why not come with your family and have a picnic in the park?

Colin & Mr Percival have a magnificent view all year round as  the Regional Council of Goyder do a great job of looking after the gardens.

The gardens now has walls, tiles & chairs near the sculpture (see new article below)

You will now find many other things of interest in the garden, with walls and a shelter constructed with ceramic tiles depicting transport over the last 100 years which was part of Eudunda's celebrations of the Centenary of Federation.

Read about the Bronze Casting of Colin Thiele's Sculpture (Dec 2005)