Not included:

  • articles, speeches, stories, poetry and verse published in journals and other anthologies
  • radio documentaries, where scripts are no longer available
  • subsequent editions (including their illustrators) of the listed works
  • foreign language editions of the listed works


The Ab Diver, 1988

The Adelaide Story, 1982 (history, for ADS Channel 7)

Aftershock: The sequel to Shatterbelt, 1992

Albatross Two, 1974

The Australian ABC, 1992 (illustrated by Wendy DePaauw)

The Australian Mother Goose, 1992 (illustrated by Wendy DePaauw)

The Australian Mother Goose II, 1994 (illustrated by Wendy DePaauw)

Australian Poets Speak, 1961 (edited with Ian Mudie)

Ballander Boy, 1979 (with photographs by David Simpson)

Barossa Valley Sketchbook, 1968 (history, with drawings by Jeanette McLeod)

Beginners, Please! One-Act Plays for Schools, 1964 (compiled with Greg Branson)

The Bight, 1976 (environmental, with photographs by Mike McKelvey)

Billy Bilby’s Barbecue, 2005 (illustrated by Mavis Stucci)

Blue Fin, 1969 (illustrated by Roger Haldane)

Brahminy: The Story of a Boy and a Sea Eagle, 1995

Burke and Wills, 1959 (radio play)

The Benedictions of Benjamin Gates, 1977 (with Arthur Burfield, Unley High School)

The Best of Colin Thiele, 1980

The Cave & The Glory of Galumph, 1989

Chadwick’s Chimney, 1979 (illustrated by Robert Ingpen)

In Charcoal and Conte, 1966 (collection of the author’s poetry)

Charlie Vet’s Pet, 1992 (illustrated by Michael Wright)

Coorong Captive, 1985

Coorong, 1972 (environmental, with photographs by Mike McKelvey)

Coorong 1986 (environmental, with paintings by Barbra Leslie)

The Coorong, 1997 (environmental, Murray-Darling Basin Commission)

Dad Drains The Oil, 1988

Dangerous Secret, 1997

Danny’s Egg, 1989 (illustrated by Gwen Harrison)

Edge of Ice, 1950 (radio play)

Edward John Eyre, 1962 (radio play)

Emma Keppler: Two Months In Her Life, 1991

Farmer Pelz’s Pumpkins, 1990 (illustrated by Lucinda Hunnam)

Farmer Schulz’s Ducks, 1986 (illustrated by Mary Milton)

Favourite Australian Stories, 1963 (editor)

February Dragon, 1965

The Fiery Salamander, 2007 (illustrated by Mark Wilson)

The Fire In The Stone, 1973

Flash Flood, 1970 (illustrated by Jean Elder)

Flip-Flop and Tiger Snake, 1970 (illustrated by Jean Elder)

Gemma’s Christmas Eve, 1994 (illustrated by Robert Roennfeldt)

Gloop the Bunyip, 1970 (illustrated by Helen Sallis)

Gloop the Gloomy Bunyip, 1962 (illustrated by John Baily)

Grains of Mustard Seed, 1975 (with research by Ron Gibbs, for Edn. Dept of SA)

The Golden Lightning, 1951 (collection of the author’s poetry)

The Golden Tide, 1962 (radio script)

The Hammerhead Light, 1976

Handbook to Favourite Australian Stories, 1964

Heysen of Hahndorf, 1968 (Biography)

Heysen’s Early Hahndorf, 1976 (with artworks selected by David Heysen)

High Valley, 1996

Jodie’s Journey, 1988

Klontarf, 1988

Labourers in the Vineyard, 1970

Lady Franklin’s Diary, 1952 (radio script)

Landslide, 1997

Lincoln’s Place, 1978 (history, illustrated by Robert Ingpen)

The Little Desert, 1975 (environmental, with photographs by Jocelyn Burt)

Little Tom Little, 1981 (with photographs by David Simpson)

Looking at Poetry, 1960 (editor)

Magpie Island, 1974 (illustrated by Roger Haldane)

Man in a Landscape, 1960 (collection of the author’s poetry)

Maneater Man: Alf Dean, The World’s Greatest Shark Hunter, 1979

The March of Mother Duck, 1993 (illustrated by Mary Milton)

Martin’s Mountain, 1993

Miss Bilby, 2007 (illustrated by Mavis Stucci)

The Monster Fish, 1999 (illustrated by Craig Smith)

Mr Dumby’s Ducks, 2006 (illustrated by Mark Wilson)

Mrs Munch and Puffing Billy, 1967 (illustrated by Nyorie Bungey)

The Mystery of the Black Pyramid, 1996

One-Act Plays for Secondary Schools: Book 1, 1962 (compiled with Greg Branson)

One-Act Plays for Secondary Schools: Book 2, 1963; (compiled with Greg Branson)

One-Act Plays for Secondary Schools: Book 3, 1964; (compiled with Greg Branson)

Pannikin and Pinta, 2000 (Illustrated by Peter Gouldthorpe)

Patch Comes Home, 1982 (Illustrated by Tony Oliver)

Pinquo, 1983 (Illustrated by Mary Milton)

Pitch The Pony, 1984 (Illustrated by David Pearson)

Plays for Young Players, 1979 (compiled With Greg Branson)

Poems in my Luggage, 1989 (Illustrated by Robert Cousins)

Potch Goes Down The Drain, 1984 (Illustrated by David Pearson)

Progress to Denial, 1945 (poetry)

Range Without Man, 1974 (environmental, with photographs by Mike McKelvey)

Ranger’s Territory: The Story of Frank Woerle, 1987

Reckless Rhymes, 1994 (verse for children, illustrated by David Cox)

The Rim of the Morning, 1966 (six stories by the author)

River Murray Mary, 1979 (Illustrated by Robert Ingpen)

The Sea Caves, 2000

Seashores and Shadows, 1985

The Seed’s Inheritance, 1986

Selected Verse, 1970 (collection of the author’s poetry)

The Shadow on the Hills, 1977

Shatterbelt, 1987

The Sknuks, 1977 (illustrated by Mary Milton)

Something To Crow About, 1986 (history, illustrated by Rex Millstead)

Songs for my Thongs, 1982 (verse for children, illustrated by Sandy Burrows)

South Australia Revisited, 1986 (history, with paintings by Charlotte Balfour)

Speedy, 1991 (illustrated by Coral Tulloch)

Splinters and Shards, 1945 (collection of the author’s poetry)

The Stars are Setting, 1951 (radio script)

The State of our State, 1952 (secondary school text book)

Stories Short and Tall, 1989

Storm Boy, 1963 (illustrated by John Baily)

The Sun on the Stubble, 1961

Sun Warm Memories: The Colin Thiele Reciter, 2003

Swan Song, 2002

Talking Shop, 1978 (one act plays, editor)

Tanya and Trixie, 1980 (photographs by David Simpson)

Tea for Three, 1994 (verse for children, with Max Fatchen

Thiele Tales: Three Long Stories for Children, 1980

Timmy, 1993 (illustrated by Annie Lynwood)

Uncle Gustav’s Ghosts, 1974

The Undercover Secret, 1982

The Valley Between, 1981

Wedgetail, 2003

A Welcome to Water, 1986 (photographs by David Simpson & Ted James)

Wendy’s Whale, 1999

What Word is That? 1950 (grammatical text, printed for school use)

With Dew On My Boots: A Childhood Revisited, 1997

With Dew on my Boots and Other Footprints, 2002

Yellow Jacket Jock, 1999 (illustrated by Clifton Pugh)